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Though horror movies are scary, their experiences are altogether different. The regular movie experience is completely different from this genre. That’s due to the concept the narration way. Even few of the horror movies, fail to thrill the audiences and become one of the worst told dramatic tales.

It isn’t easy producing a horror movie, in the real sense! You can’t show just a few scenes and try to scare people. It needs a neat concept and actual narration happening and lots of hard work. Though it’s so difficult to produce, the response received sometimes keeps us letting it do more and more.

Not majority of the people actually watch such genre of movies for the fear of ‘fear’. They are scared, while few others come in the compulsion of others and finally blame the creator. It can satisfy those few people, who believe and understand the supernatural powers. The rest take it as drama or leave it as just another movie.

We are one of the leading production companies of horror flicks, along with some psychological hits. The number of movies is more than 500 to our credit and they are all 3.5 stars rated, that means they genuinely fall in the horror category.

We see that the graphics sometimes too are taken in the most natural way, our tools and machines and choreographers are trained extremely well. Bringing fear on screen takes immense skills and we believe we have that set of people who are already there.

Apart from movies we also have few television premieres and shows that are horrific in nature. We give the best to bring out the best. We have been credited with many Academy awards for our TV shows and also for our movies.

We are in the field since decades and are experienced in the likes and dislikes of audiences.

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