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Though horror movies are scary, their experiences are altogether different...

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Though horror movies are scary, their experiences are altogether different. The regular movie experience is completely different from this genre... Read More

Horrific Movie Experience

Horror” the word itself sends jitters down the spine! Late at night, we tend to imagine or may be real (we don’t know) that there is someone behind us ...

Horrific Movie Experience

“Horror” the word itself sends jitters down the spine! Late at night, we tend to imagine or may be real (we don’t know) that there is someone behind us, staring at us. We all have had this sort of experiences and tend to horrify us for a longer time, maybe up to a week, a month or for few daring souls, just for a day or night.

It’s not new for the boys(mostly) to sit down to watch horror flicks on a night when the home is deep into sleep. Later after-effects are secondary, but their daring nature is always appreciable, not many girls dare to watch one. Most girls prefer comedy night outs or some drama(mostly we said).

Sitting on the couch, late at night, with some snacks too much on endlessly, and putting the remote down for a horror movie that’s been very long that you have seen, can be the most thrilling or most worsening experience. If you happen to click on a movie that has ratings lower than 3, then get ready to have an experience of laughter. If you happen to select a movie above 3.5stars then, surely you will be in for a thrilling, nail-biting experience.

Have you seen a horror movie, anytime? We are pretty sure, at least once in your whole lifetime, you may have seen one or will be planning to watch one. For those who have seen, can surely narrate the scenes and after effects that were a part of the package. For better experiences, watching them in a theater will bring them alive!! Have you been? The more adventurous and thrilling category of people will love to watch horror movies, and sometimes get scared, yet pretend to be not.

But why pay extra, to get the shit out of you, to get some crappy feeling, sleepless nights? There are channels on cable, like Movies Now, HBO and AXN, and few others who often play horror movies on weekend nights, or even on a broad daylight. All you have to do is, subscribe to these channels, at Ufindthem ; one of the best entertainment service provider and enjoy your night out at home, within a budget. Moreover, you needn’t worry about someone to drop you back home, or you chilling on the way back home, panicking about the ‘ghost’ that was in the movie. That happens with most of them, who watch out the movie, night show in a theater. They experience jitters coming back home, so much that it becomes a cause for regret.

Well, we have found out different phases of people watching Horror movies, see which category you belong to. though the most interested will never stop watching horror flicks, may be the interested yet scared group can administer any other strategy to overcome the fear and enjoy the ‘ghost’ movie, letting the shit not disturb you(at least pretend to be one).

The Overconfident:

Yes, there are people who are over confident here too. They think that the movie is really not going to make them tensed, nervous, anticipate and at the same time regret! None of these according to them; happens to them. Well, that depends on the choice of movie and the time of the day. Actually, even if it’s in the daylight, a movie like Poltergeist can leave you stunned and make it difficult for you to take a walk to the bathroom. So, before even watching the movie, that kind of confidence is this! As we said, in case you selected a movie above 3.5 starts, say 4 stars, then may the lord protect your soul. For these movies are produced to make you go on your knees.

The Denials:

Oh! They are those who actually deny that they are scared. Well, this may really work out for you, when you prepare your mind, to keep denying. Maybe at one point, it will budge to it.

The Unaltered terrors:

These are the kind of folks who are actually scared to the core, yet want to watch the climax. We don’t understand why they are actually terrifying themselves into such a state repeatedly!

Fake relievers:

They are those who after all the horror scenes(mostly) sign a relieved sigh and relax to watch the climax. We would warn you if you are so scared, why in the first place you chose this? There are many channels out there for you, Romedy, Drama, Cooking shows etc.

Post Trauma disorder:

We see few people, never pee till the dawn, after the night of horror movie. They will actually never even leave the place, fearing the ‘attack’. They seem to be in the trauma for a long time, eating up all that left food, including others brains and time. They are still in the post ‘ghost’ trauma.

So, which one are you?

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